• Modernise Stores

    Automate and streamline store processes with Qdos nonprofit software. Collect pertinent store-related data in real time for analysis and strategy building. Eftpos integration included.

  • Heighten the Customer’s Experience

    Distribute apparel, furniture and other goods from warehouses to stores based on store demand. Sell and redeem gift cards, and build loyalty leading to increased funds.

  • Ease of Use, Embraced by Volunteers

    Qdos POS is rich in functionality and built for simplicity. Volunteers of all capabilities are trained in minutes – they enjoy using Qdos POS and your team will too!

  • Keep Track from Head Office

    Access Qdos nonprofit ERP from Head Office and get real-time sales and inventory information across one – or hundreds of stores. Track sales against budgets.

  • Advanced Warehousing

    Manage the entire stock receipt to dispatch/store transfer process using Qdos warehouse solutions. Leverage barcoding technology, mobile devices, streamlined Scan and Pack, and efficient stocktaking capabilities.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Data analysis is key for charity recycling organisations – analyse comprehensive organisation-wide reports and information in real time.

Sacred Heart Mission’s Op Shops revolutionised with Qdos POS

Managers and Volunteers across 9+ stores embraced the cloud Point of Sale.

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