POS Systems Australia – Look No Further

If you’re looking for the best POS software, the Qdos Point of Sale system delivers. Jam packed with features for the success of retail stores, and built for the Australian marketplace, it’s ideal for franchises, store networks, or a single store.

Cloud software at its best, Qdos POS automates store processes, and is fully integrated with Qdos ERP – one extremely comprehensive solution for your retail business operations. Even better, Qdos POS operates in online and offline modes so you never miss a sale. Qdos Point of Sale software makes it easy to interact with your customers. Use features such as customer purchase history, real-time inventory information, omnichannel loyalty programs, gift cards, and integrated credit card processing. Behind the scenes, perform stocktakes and manage store replenishment to guarantee the right products are always at hand.

Qdos also offers Qdos NFP Point of Sale – a POS solution designed specifically for the non-profit sector. Enquire today and find out why Qdos POS is used in over 450 Australian stores.

Insight into Qdos Point of Sale

  • Fully integrated with Qdos ERP for an end-to-end cloud solution.
  • Centralised data across all stores.
  • Rapid transaction processing.
  • Put multiple orders ‘on hold.
  • Apply discounts.
  • Multiple payment methods including credit card, gift cards, split sales, and credit notes.
  • Eftpos integration with PC EFTPOS and TYRO.
  • Capture customer information and view order history.
  • Barcode scanning and easy product search.
  • View product inventory across stores, and product information including images.
  • Style, colour, size fashion matrix.
  • Easy returns process – refunds, exchanges, and credit notes.
  • Execute promotions.
  • Tailored omnichannel Loyalty Programs.
  • View real-time reports in Qdos POS, Qdos ERP or on your phone using Qdos’ reporting app .
  • Perform stock transfers, stocktakes, and automated stock replenishment
  • User permissions and authorisations.
  • Transact in online or offline modes.
  • Qdos also offers ‘Qdos NFP POS’ – a solution tailored specifically for the Australian Not For Profit sector.