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qdos Business Intelligence reporting tools

Our Business Intelligence suite offers an advanced set of reporting tools – from interactive dashboards and reports to powerful data visualisation tools. It’s the ideal toolset for information management professionals who want to dissect large volumes of data in order to spot sales trends as they occur, share insights with colleagues across the organisation and understand their most profitable products.

Our suite includes a range of dashboards and data visualisation tools to help improve stakeholders to better understand their data, improve collaboration and share information across businesses departments. Data from these tools can be used to make better decisions, increase profit and sell more products.

key features:

  • Fast reporting for a wide range of business functions
  • Visualise sales by the best performing geographic regions, including country, state & post code.
  • Spot sales trends as they occur with real-time reporting
  • Uncover top performing products by sales volume, profit margin & more
  • Breakdown your top customers by purchase volume, profit margin and revenue
  • Slice and dice your data with custom charts and visualisations
  • Migrate from spreadsheets to a modern analytics tool
  • Automate your businesses reporting process and improve accuracy, and reliability.
  • Automated data integration with a wide range of channels including SAGE, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Syspro, SAP Business One & more
  • Connect to cloud, on-premise, and hybrid data sources
  • Refine your data by adding or removing data points, creating calculated fields, and filtering the data.
  • Create remarkable reports that delight your stakeholders

the power of business intelligence reporting

Open your door to the world of business intelligence reporting. With a single click, you can view rich, interactive visualisations of your data and at-a-glance charts with powerful market insights. Save time building reports with pre-built templates and get a visual overview of your data, so you can quickly spot trends and patterns as they occur.

Save time building reports

Reduce the amount of time it takes to share meaningful data stories with rich data visualisations, and build advanced reports and presentations that will impress even the most demanding stakeholders.

Stay on top of trends

Discover trends occurring across your business as they occur with live reporting and data visualisation. 

Action Based Dashboards

Our BI reporting tools will help you to build impressive dashboards to help you achieve high level objectives for your business. Dashboards can be created to define specific KPIs across the entire production and distribution process that in-turn can be used to take action and implement change.

Integrate with siloed legacy systems

The business intelligence layer will help to fill the gaps between siloed legacy systems to extend their lifespan and provide meaningful outcomes for decision makers. BI tools provide end users with better access to the data contained in legacy systems and the ability to improve the visibility and quality of the data.

Business Intelligence Reporting
Business Intelligence Reporting
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