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Cosmetic ERP software for the beauty industry and Australian beauty retailers who want to do better business.

Rich in features designed specifically for beauty and cosmetics retailers, Qdos ERP helps you save time and money with a powerful yet affordable solution. Whether you sell in-store, online or omnichannel, Qdos ERP helps you manage orders, inventory and sales with an integrated and easy-to-use system that reduces manual processes and increases efficiencies.

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all the features you need to run your business

Our Cosmetic ERP Software has been designed for the beauty industry. With features tailored to your business, Qdos ERP has everything you need to run your business and help it grow. Our packages are designed to work for you right now, and into the future.

  • Cloud-based inventory management for maximum efficiency
  • Manage stock ordering and replenishment from suppliers efficiently
  • Fulfil website sales with quick pick, pack and dispatch of online orders
  • Change the retail price of hundreds of products at the same time with bulk product updates
  • Easy and accurate warehouse and store stock takes using a variety of methods
  • Retail POS to track sales and stock levels
  • Manage store replenishment efficiently to put the right products where they are selling
  • Create loyalty programs and run promotions with integrated CRM
  • Qdos Financials and third-party finance package integration (e.g. Xero, MYOB)
  • Real time reporting and BI for your competitive advantage

the ERP chosen by Australia’s #1 online beauty retailer

Qdos ERP helped Adore Beauty manage rapid scaling of their business while maintaining an outstanding level of customer service.

"I spent quite a long time evaluating ERP and warehouse management software. I felt Qdos fit the bill because it offers all the functionality without the extra complications and it was easily customisable to fit our business."

Kate Morris, Founder, Adore Beauty

automated stock replenishment is a thing of beauty

Order only the stock you need and save on inventory costs.

Qdos ERP allows you to set rules around stock replenishment to ensure adequate stock levels are maintained. ‘Suggested purchase orders’ are created in the Qdos system based on rules you create – for example, previous three month’s sales history or product reorder levels set by users. Save time and make sure you can fulfil customer orders with automated stock replenishment.

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quickly dispatch thousands
of customer orders

Efficient warehouse solutions make it easy to pick pack and dispatch orders.

As soon as customers place orders through your ecommerce website they can be immediately accessed by warehouse teams for efficient pick, pack and dispatch. Warehouse staff can use barcode technology to retrieve the right products from shelves using the most efficient pick paths, print order labels and batch dispatch orders to save time. Customer service teams can view the order progress and status at all times to respond to customer enquiries.

reporting has never been more insightful

Leverage live reporting and BI capabilities to make timely, pertinent decisions.

You need the right information at your fingertips to make fast and effective business decisions. Qdos ERP has an extensive repository of reports focused on sales, inventory and financials. Most importantly, these reports provide you with information in real time so you can understand the full picture of your business at any moment. Create your own powerful reports using Qdos BI capabilities.

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Scalable solutions to suit your business and budget.

A fully-fledged ERP solution made for the beauty and cosmetics industry.