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Quickly release new styles colours & sizes, and sell more with our ERP software for apparel and footwear brands.

Rich in features that make doing business easier for the apparel and footwear industry, Qdos ERP is a powerful and affordable solution that saves you time and money, while helping you focus on selling fashion and footwear. Managing seasons, sizes and colours, retail and wholesale customers and omnichannel sales are just a few features that are part of this complete ERP solution for your business.

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all the features you need to run your apparel or footwear business

With features created specifically for the fashion industry, Qdos ERP helps you get the right products to your stores and sell more faster. Our packages are designed to work as you scale. Our fashion ERP software features include:

  • Prepare your seasons in advance
  • Take advance orders from wholesale customers to manage suppliers and production
  • Multiple price lists for retail and wholesale customers
  • Create a consistent omnichannel experience online and in-store
  • Fashion matrix with advanced features to manage style/colour/size product variations
  • Retail POS to sell the right style/colour/size and view stock availability at all stores
  • Manage supplier shoe packs and convert to pairs
  • Manage store replenishment efficiently to put the right products where they are selling
  • Create loyalty programs and run promotions with integrated CRM
  • Provide discounts in various ways to wholesale customers
  • B2B website portal for direct orders from wholesale customers
  • Qdos Financials or financials integration (e.g. Xero, MYOB)

Qdos helps shoe retailer
M DREAMS get on the front foot

M DREAMS integrated their online and retail stores for a seamless omnichannel experience, with an easy-to-use and cost-effective Qdos ERP solution.

"With the switchover to Qdos, our entire business has become completely integrated. Qdos enables us to be more responsive and flexible to the changing needs of our business, and to better connect with customers."

Susannah Kerr, Founder, M DREAMS

you’ll find our fashion matrix provides the perfect fit

Quickly release new styles and sell more in-store or online with our apparel inventory management software.

Managing a large number of product variants in a style/colour/size grid format is a well-known challenge across the industry, and the solution is advanced fashion matrix features. Doing this successfully is especially important in-store where a single screen can present the colours and sizes for a particular style, as well as other relevant information for that product, so a sales assistant can add it from the grid to a sales transaction.

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a solution
for every season

Create styles and take customer orders in advance

Qdos ERP helps clients in fashion and footwear manage seasons and collections. Order stock in advance for upcoming seasons within the ERP system, then make them ‘active’ when you are ready to start selling that particular season. Shoe retailers and wholesalers can also order and manage ‘shoe packs’ containing the same style but in a variety of colours and sizes, and then convert these packs into individual pairs for sale in-store or online.

more for you in-store

Get the right styles in the right stores, and sell with ease using Qdos POS

Provide a seamless customer experience in-store. Our apparel and footwear POS software lets you view stock across locations, make store transfers and conduct accurate stocktakes. Our touchscreen POS is easy to navigate and use with intuitive on-screen features.

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Scalable solutions to suit your business and budget.

Fully-fledged Australian ERP software for the apparel and footwear industry.