Exciting shoe retailer M DREAMS reaches omnichannel success with Qdos

Founder of the vibrant M DREAMS stores, Susannah Kerr, chose to implement Qdos cloud Business Management Software across her retail and wholesale business operations. Find out why the decision was made to switch to Qdos and how the solution has benefited this client.

M Dreams

Tell us the story behind Viver Brazil, M DREAMS stores, and your beautiful shoes.

Viver Brazil is an importation & distribution business, and was created for the purpose of ‘living Brazil’ through its beautiful range of products. M DREAMS is the retail arm of our business and is also the home of the famous Brazilian PVC shoe brand Melissa. Melissa is world renowned for collaborating with some of the most sought after international designers and has revolutionised the PVC footwear market for both women and kids. We also have a great selection of other innovative footwear and accessories brands, including Rollie which are designed for travel & comfort and are Australian, and Bibi from Brazil which are designed specifically for children and growing healthy feet. We offer an excellent range of ethical non-leather and leather options with more brands coming soon.

What do customers love about your shoes?

By far the number one comment about our shoes is the comfort. The priority of our M DREAMS stores is to provide quality shoes that are comfortable, non-complicated and have a point of difference. We have a lot of mums that come shopping with us for both themselves and their children, and it’s an enjoyable shopping experience for them. We love styles and brands that are flexible and can be easily teamed with a casual outfit or dressed up.

Were there complexities in your business that the Qdos solution helped to manage?

Three main areas that spring to mind are reporting, our omnichannel capabilities and the transparency of the system. Qdos has assisted us in achieving our goals in each one of these areas. The system allows us to track things easily, we don’t have to be an IT expert to follow an audit trail or run a report, Qdos is user friendly and easy to navigate

How does Qdos help you to achieve your omnichannel goals?

With our previous system we were unable to integrate our online and retail stores. They were run like two different businesses. For example, gift or credit vouchers were mutually exclusive, meaning that a voucher issued online had to be redeemed online and vice versa. This was extremely frustrating and limiting to our business. With the switchover to Qdos, this has now been remedied and both businesses have been completely integrated.We have been able to offer our customers improved flexibility, convenience and rewards through the additional functionality that the Qdos system has provided us.

What challenges were you facing prior to engaging Qdos?

We had a system that we didn’t trust and weren’t confident in the data that we were being provided. It was slow, not user friendly and was costing us a lot to maintain. Quite simply we had a system that was working against us and not for us.

How did you come to choose Qdos as your ERP solution provider?

We commenced researching what was available on the market. Qdos ticked all the boxes – it was an Australian company based in Melbourne that offered an integrated solution (ERP, Financials, CRM, POS, eCommerce, Warehouse). The system was able to work to the requirements of the business, it was user friendly and it was not cost prohibitive

What are features of the Qdos cloud solution that stand out to you?

Stock management and real-time reporting across our retail, wholesale, and warehouse/3PL operations are extremely important to our business. Qdos ERP enables us to manage and report on the movement and performance of our stock easily and accurately.

The administrative and technical support offered by Qdos has also been impressive. Qdos have been quick to fix any issues or provide us with solutions for specific requirements needed by our business. This has included reliable after hours and weekend support for our retail stores – which has been a huge plus for our business.

Viver Brazil has been live with Qdos for 1.5 years now. How do you feel it has benefited your business?

Qdos is helping to future-proof our business, and we have already started to see ROI. Qdos has enabled us to be more responsive and flexible to the changing needs of our business, which is critical in this retail climate. Importantly, it has given us back the ability to have confidence in the data we receive from the system and has also provided us with a strong foundation for our business to grow.

M DREAMS Shoes can be purchased via M DREAMS retail stores, both online (www.mdreamsshoes.com) and in-store (Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast).

"With the switchover to Qdos, our entire business has become completely integrated. Qdos enables us to be more responsive and flexible to the changing needs of our business, and to better connect with our customers."

Susannah Kerr, Founder, M DREAMS Stores

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