unique ERP software for not-for-profit retail

Qdos cloud ERP is a cost-effective way for not-for-profit retailers to improve customer experience.

Qdos ERP has been tailored for charity recycling organisations and is deployed in hundreds of op shop locations around Australia. This proven ERP platform helps improve the customer experience, provides head office with real-time visibility of important business information such as sales and stock location and can be customised to individual business requirements. Qdos POS can be operated in online and offline modes so you can continuously trade. Best of all, Qdos ERP is easy for store volunteers to learn and use.

Inventory Management Software

Qdos POS helps Vinnies boost its customer experience

"Our initial roll-out in Victoria of 100 stores in two and a half weeks has extended to more than 450 stores nationally. In terms of customer service, by far the biggest benefit has been the rollout of our loyalty programme. With over 100,000 customers signing up in just a couple of months and an award nomination under our belt, we couldn’t be happier with its success. For the organisation, Qdos has been easy to learn for a wide range of volunteers, and reports have provided strategic insights to allow stores to stock what customers are buying."

Liz Randle, Merchandise Manager, Vinnies

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