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Our retail and wholesale expertise and scalable cloud platform help you do business better every day.

Inventory Management Software Australia

one scalable cloud-based ERP platform, tailored to your business needs

Qdos is a powerful ERP solution that is fast to deploy and easy to use. Get the insights you need to effortlessly manage operations, so you can focus on growing your business. We offer a smart, cloud-based solution – with your data stored in a state of the art NextDC data centre – that is perfectly suited to small, mid-size, and enterprise businesses. 

Retail & wholesale-ready

Scalable cloud platform

Customisable Solutions

"I spent quite a long time evaluating ERP and warehouse management software. I felt Qdos fit the bill because it offers all the functionality without the extra complications and it was easily customisable to fit our business."

Kate Morris, Founder, Adore Beauty


do more for your customers with CRM

Exceed customer expectations with a single view of every customer, across every sales channel.

To meet and exceed customer expectations you need real-time customer data across every channel. Every interaction should add to your ability to quickly serve and satisfy customer needs. Thanks to our Customer Relationship Management module, enjoy a single-screen view of every customer, giving you ample information to increase sales.

Inventory Management Software Australia
Inventory Management Software Australia


our solution grows with your product range

You need flexibility as your product range grows because one size never fits all.

As your business grows so will your product range, and you need an ERP solution that can manage all types of scenarios. With flexible product modules, you can manage simple or more complex product configurations, bundles and kits, as well as multiple price lists, promotions, and product lines. And they can be easily added to as needed.


streamline customer orders to meet demand

Understanding customer demand and matching it with supply is key to retail success.

You need to have enough stock to meet demand across all sales channels, while avoiding over-ordering and associated costs. Our ERP solution helps you manage a range of order types (sales, purchase, backorders etc.), track orders end-to-end and view stock availability across locations so you’ll never miss an opportunity.

Australian ERP Software
Inventory Management Software Australia


inventory management is king in retail and wholesale distribution

Get the right product in the right place at the right time, every time.

Moving inventory through your retail or wholesale business is critical to cashflow and success. Our solution provides accurate, real-time stock counts from warehouse to POS and ecommerce store, via a single product catalogue to avoid duplication. Advanced inventory management features for even the most sophisticated businesses.


get reports and business intelligence that keep your finger on the pulse

Turn information into powerful insights to grow your business.

Businesses like yours generate a lot of data. Turning that data into useful insights and taking action is key to success. Leverage our extensive reporting library to view real-time reports related to sales performance, inventory, customer, and financial.  Use the power of Qdos’ BI (Business Intelligence) reporting tool to create your own reports and make informed, strategic decisions (available mid-2020).

Australian ERP Software


easy to use marketing tools to connect better with customers

‘Always on’ marketing campaigns and activities will help you attract and retain customers.

Our ERP solution has marketing tools built-in to make it easier for you to stay top-of-mind. Use the power of your data to segment your customer base. Run campaigns and events and create a customer loyalty program to drive customer acquisition and help build a loyal customer base.


integrated financial management for a complete enterprise-wide solution

Bring all your important business processes together with integrated financial tools.

Retail and wholesale businesses move fast, and you need an ERP solution that integrates your finance and accounting functions. Our fully-customisable ERP accounting software ensures you know your numbers in real-time. Integrate inventory, purchasing and more, and collaborate online with your accountant or bookkeeper for complete transparency and control.

Inventory Management Software Australia


efficient batch processing saves significant time

Rather than processing large numbers of records individually, complete the task as a batch (eg dispatch a batch of sales orders all at once).

Huge time savings

Streamline processes

Satisfy customers

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ERP solutions for a range of industries

Our industry-specific experience and expertise is helping many businesses do more every day.

Inventory Management Software Australia

Wines & Spirits

Inventory Management Software Australia

Apparel & Footwear

Inventory Management Software Australia

Cards & Gifts

Inventory Management Software Australia

Beauty & Cosmetics

Inventory Management Software Australia

Charity Stores

Inventory Management Software Australia


helping a leading shoe retailer get on the front foot

"Qdos ticked all the boxes – it is an Australian company that offers an integrated solution including ERP, financials, Customer Relationship Management, Point of Sale, eCommerce and warehouse & distribution. It is user friendly and was not cost prohibitive."

Susannah Kerr, Founder, MDREAMS

Inventory Management Software Australia

If you need support, we’re literally right here for you.

Qdos was born and bred in Australia, and that’s where our customer service teams are based. We’ll be right here for you through the purchase process, implementation phase and as your business grows and your needs evolve. Get the right answers fast with online quick reference guides, email and phone support. Our service speaks your language.

Scalable solutions to suit your business and budget.

Try our Jumpstart program. If you’re looking for something more, we will tailor our mid-sized or enterprise solution to your exact business needs, including customised features if that is what you need.