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Take your business to the next level with Australia’s best inventory management software. Qdos offers a flexible, feature rich, easy to use solution which can help you manage stock movement or product movements, maintain cost and profit information for each product in your warehouse, retailer or factory.

Inventory Management Software Australia

Managing the supply chain process effectively is a critical element for retailers. Understanding customer demand and matching it with supply at the right time and location (in-store or online) is imperative to the success of your business. 

Inventory management applications are those that calculate the inventory of raw materials, products and supplies for a business or retail establishment. They also record incoming and outgoing stock to determine the change in inventory as well as providing information or generating reports on stock controls

Inventory management is the process of managing, controlling and planning inventory levels to help organisations achieve faster order processing, reduce costs, decrease stock outages and ultimately save money. Inventory management applications need to be able to handle multiple warehouses, large batch quantities and complex rules for stock control. They also act as a central hub for all information relating to the receipt, location, quantity, cost and movements of stock. By keeping track of when stock is being used or sent out they can then calculate stock levels based on actual usage information.

Qdos Inventory Management software delivers accurate, real-time stock insight and control across all locations. Order only the stock you need, and manage all types of orders effectively with Qdos’ Order Management system.

A taste of Qdos Order & Inventory Management Software

Inventory management is a core function of all businesses and retail establishments. And while the process of maintaining inventory is simple enough, recording and reporting the figures can be somewhat difficult to get right if you don’t have help from Australia’s best business inventory management software.

  • Qdos’ Intelligent Inventory Management System
  • Solution tailored to fit your company’s specific needs
  • One product catalogue across the business, avoiding product record duplication
  • Generate purchase orders based on replenishment rules such as previous sales and minimum quantities
  • Import supplier Purchase Orders via EDI
  • Manage inventory across all locations using real-time stock control (including visual colour codes for stock availability)
  • Built-in stock audit processes
  • Bulk import and bulk update product records
  • Organise products into product lines for simple web navigation and reporting
  • Set up features and process steps based on individual stock locations
  • Diverse range of inventory-related real-time reporting
  • Extensive product pricing and financial management features
  • Easily create retail/wholesale, import/export pricing, and differing price lists for various markets and account types
  • Apply price list, product category or collection based promotions across channels
  • Apply volume pricing to any product or price list for discounting without manual override
  • Manage importing and shipments
  • Qdos’ Order Management Software
  • Extensive features for managing a wide variety of order types – including sales, purchase, backorders, transfer, and recurring orders
  • Central, streamlined management of orders from all sales channels
  • Order process steps are tailored to your unique requirements
  • Sales order status and tracking, including email updates to customers
  • Intuitive sales and purchase order creation using defined locations and price lists
  • Quick create customer order from quote
  • View stock availability across locations during order creation
  • Processes tailored to batched orders (eg bulk sales order dispatch)
  • Transfer stock between multiple warehouses using transfer price models
  • Integration to 3PLs for inventory management & order fulfillment
  • Capture credit card payments using QDOS’ highly secure, encrypted payment gateway
  • Set up one or multiple shipping matrices, based on various carriers, freight zones, freight costs, price points and speed of shipping
  • Provide suppliers with a secure portal to view product, pricing, stock information and create purchase orders based on contracted pricing
  • Implement structured credit control processes using visual traffic light indicators and aged debtor reporting
  • Review business performance using Qdos’ sales and financial reporting suite

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