why QDOS?

Qdos is an Australian business that was founded to help retailers and wholesalers do better business. Our range of cloud-based ERP solutions will help transform your retail or wholesale business and empower you to drive efficiencies and profit with simplified processes and actionable insights. Whether you’re a multi-store retailer, pureplay retailer, franchise or wholesaler, we’re here to help you do better business.

Qdos ERP Software

Qdos automates retail and wholesale processes across all sales channels, keeps tight control of inventory, customers, orders and financials, and delivers real-time insights that drive action.

helping Australian retail and wholesale businesses since 2002

For 21 years, Qdos has been at the forefront of ERP solutions for retail and wholesale businesses in Australia. Our focus has always been to create solutions that make it easier to do retail and wholesale, allowing our customers to focus on growing their businesses.

With knowledge and expertise gained at the cutting edge of retail ERP technology, and a consultative approach to working with our customers, we provide off-the-shelf and bespoke offerings – including two powerful POS solutions – created to meet your business needs. 

Our goal is to help you simplify, unify, connect and optimise your people, processes, technology and data – from anywhere, any time. You can expect minimal day-to-day impact and maximum operational benefits. 

get the benefits of Qdos cloud-based ERP in your retail or wholesale business

When you make the decision to modernise and connect all your various systems and processes, you will enjoy a single, complete view of all aspects of your retail and wholesale business, with the added benefit of powerful insights on your operations and customers. 

Greater operational and financial transparency ensures you make better decisions, much faster than you’ve ever been able to before. This means increased productivity, more sales, lower costs and less risk. 

Australian ERP Software

The smartest retail and wholesale solutions live in the cloud

Qdos was early to recognise the power of cloud-based retail ERP solutions, which are fully-featured while providing flexibility and efficiency for customers. When you adopt the Qdos cloud-based ERP solution you will immediately benefit from one simplified and integrated system with rich, real-time insights that help you make informed business decisions. 

Our knowledge of Australian retail has helped us create smart, cloud-based ERP solutions that allow you to streamline your supply chain and inventory management, automate low-value manual tasks (saving time and money) and provide transparency and increased control of critical financial information. 

The ability to focus on efficient customer acquisition and retention increases the return on your marketing investment. At the retail frontline, our solutions help maximise margins with simple yet powerful POS solutions. Omni-channel capability ensures repeat sales in-store and online (via eCommerce), and customer experiences and loyalty are enhanced with integrated CRM, marketing and loyalty applications built-in. 

Cloud-based solutions offer real-time access to your business on a range of devices no matter where you are. If there was ever a time to get your business in the cloud, it is now. 

how Qdos makes it easier for you to do better retail business

It’s not just the powerful range of features that makes Qdos cloud-based ERP a great choice for your retail business. We’ve made our solutions easy to buy, fast to install and adopt, and we are proud to provide local support staffed by experts in the Australian market.  

More than that, our knowledge and expertise has helped us create ERP solutions tailored to a variety of industries as well as different types of businesses including retail, wholesale, franchise and not-for-profit. This means you will be up and running faster with a solution that meets your specific business needs. 

You can easily implement a Qdos ERP solution that suits your budget now, and have confidence that our scalable cloud-based platform will grow with your business. Knowing that a solution you adopt today will be there with you as you grow for years to come is extremely valuable. We provide you with certainty in an uncertain world. 

Choose an ‘out-of-the-box’ or fully-customised solution – we understand that one size does not fit all so we offer a wide range of options from our entry-level Jumpstart solution up to mid-tier and enterprise solutions.  If you’re an Australian retail or wholesale business, Qdos was born and bred in Australia and is the best choice for cloud-based retail ERP solutions. 

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