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Qdos’ tailored out-of-the-box ERP solution for your business.

Rich in features that make doing business easier for the cards and gifts industry, Qdos ERP is a powerful and affordable solution that saves you time and money, while helping you focus on selling your large range of products. Keep tight control of product records and inventory and manage your franchise network with features that significantly reduce manual processes and increase efficiencies across your business.

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all the features you need to run your cards and gifts business

With features created specifically for the cards and gifts industry, Qdos franchise management software has everything you need to run your business. Choose a package that works for you.

  • Product and inventory control ensures no duplicated records across stores or franchises
  • Automated purchase order creation using DDO files saves copious time
  • Use barcode scanning technology to receive stock efficiently
  • Easy and accurate stock takes
  • Manage different authorisation levels between head office and franchisees for maximum control and flexibility
  • Change the retail price of hundreds of products at the same time with bulk product updates
  • Retail POS software to track sales and stock levels with store-specific features
  • Manage store replenishment efficiently to put the right products where they are selling
  • Create tailored loyalty programs and run promotions with integrated CRM
  • Qdos Financials and third-party finance package integration (e.g. Xero, MYOB)
Australian ERP Software

Qdos helps Wild franchisees automate processes and run stores more efficiently

Wild Cards & Gifts operates many franchise stores throughout Australia and offers a large and diverse range of products for special occasions. Qdos ERP helped streamline and automate processes for tight inventory management, improved customer experience and single or multi-location based reporting.

"Qdos has given our franchisees the opportunity to spend time working ‘on’ their business rather than ‘in’ their business. Knowledge is power in any industry and Qdos has enhanced our understanding of our product, our customers, our suppliers and our people in a synergistic way to maximise our business potential. We are at the beginning of our business journey with Qdos but believe our partnership will be extremely rewarding."

Joseph Kessel, WH Smith Australia

product integrity across a franchise network

Manage a significant number of products with no product duplication.

When you have a huge inventory of products as well as a large retail or franchise network, product and inventory management can be a real headache. Qdos franchise management software ensures there is product integrity – franchisees can create their own products, but Qdos ensures that each product record is unique. No product barcode can be created twice which helps keep control of a large number of products across a widely distributed retail or franchise network.

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control and flexibility
is on the cards

A solution that gives franchisees flexibility to manage their business with Head Office insight and control.

Qdos ERP helps manage franchise networks with built-in authorisation levels. Head office needs to have a complete system view and authority, but franchisees also need some level of control and authority over their own business. With Qdos, franchisees can complete store-level tasks and see information and data that pertains to their business. Head office can let franchisees run their stores, with access to business-wide information and reports.

giving the gift of better inventory management

Get real-time insight into stock levels throughout your business

Qdos ERP helps you manage inventory in real-time so you know exactly how much stock you have on hand (across stores and warehouses) at any given moment. This is particularly helpful if you manage a large number of products being sold through retail or franchise stores. Combined with integrated retail POS software that records sales and stock at a store level, inventory management has never been easier.

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Scalable solutions to suit your business and budget.

A fully-fledged ERP solution made for the cards and gifts industry.