brewing up a custom ERP solution

Qdos’ tailored brewery management software has all the ingredients you need to do better business. 

Rich in features that make doing business easier for breweries, Qdos ERP is a powerful and affordable solution that saves you time and money. Brewery inventory management, automated excise reporting and consolidated batch orders for distribution are just a few of the features that significantly reduce manual processing and increase efficiencies.

Inventory Management Software Australia

all the features you need to manage your brewing business

Designed to suit the needs of brewers, the Qdos ERP software offers everything you need to manage your brewery. Choose a package that suits your needs now, and grows with you in the future.

  • Raw materials creation & receipting
  • Recipe management & beer production
  • Batch tracking
  • Batch sales orders
  • Supports single or multi-location business operations
  • CRM for sales team
  • Warehousing and logistics transfers
  • Brewery industry reports• Excise
    • National pollutant inventory
    • SSCC labels and more

how CBCo grew into one of Australia’s leading craft brewers

CBCo Brewing is an award-winning Australian brewery that used Qdos’ tailored brewery management software to achieve explosive growth across multiple locations and double production capacity.

"Qdos ERP has all the features a fast-growing brewery needs, and it was good to go on day one. We’re a proudly uncomplicated brand and the Qdos solution matches that ethos perfectly. We want to focus on making great beer, not entering data and wrangling spreadsheets. Qdos has everything covered - from production and logistics to CRM and financials, right through to reports and insights in real-time. The comprehensive Qdos platform makes running our two breweries easy."

Jarrod Stivala, National Brewery Operations Manager

end-to-end cloud solution for breweries

Includes purchase orders, production, sales, logistics, CRM and financials.

Manage your brewery operations across multiple locations. Create raw materials, receive stock from suppliers into multiple warehouses and track expiry dates. Keep tight control of inventory and easily transfer beer and raw materials to different warehouses.

Inventory Management Software Australia
Australian ERP Software

choose a recipe
and produce a tank

Easy steps to go from raw materials to the finished product, and consolidate batch orders for fast delivery.

Everything you need to produce a tank – add a recipe, dry hop, provide alcohol%, create a partial or full production order, generate stock usage (cans, lids, boxes and 6 pack clips), and get a true costing of stock. Comprehensive sales platform used to process and batch orders, and makes logistics easy.

get real-time reports and cut significant admin time

Our Brewery ERP software keeps detailed records of your operations so they’re ready to go when you need them.

Run reports so you can focus on what you do best – brewing beer. Produce instant excise reports, product recall reports for raw material and finished goods, commercial invoice for export, and commission for racing, gaming and liquor.

Australian ERP Software

Scalable software to suit your brewery business and budget.

Australia’s best brewery management software comes in a range of packages to suit your needs. Choose a package that works for you right now, and grows with your business.