leverage the features of Qdos CRM Software and exceed customer expectations

The Qdos CRM system gives you just one single customer record across all your sales channels – even as you grow and add more channels.

An introduction into the world of Qdos CRM

  • Access real-time customer information, anytime, from anywhere
  • Build a 360 degree view of customers, including sales, marketing and service history Manage activities and tasks
  • Create activity plans
  • View all previous interactions with a customer on one screen
  • Convert more leads into opportunities
  • Manage your sales pipeline – get a quick summary of opportunities on the go via the sales dashboard
  • Sell and redeem vouchers in-store or online
  • Insight into customers’ previous purchase history and desired products
  • Promotes teamwork and transparency by sharing customer information and interactions
  • Create multiple HTML marketing templates
  • Create segments based on previous product purchases, events, campaigns and campaign click-throughs
  • Use powerful segmentation features to deliver dynamically targeted campaign EDMs. Customer email tracking
  • Bulk load customer information
  • Customised omni-channel loyalty programs
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
  • Bulk load customer records
  • Sync contacts, appointments and activities to your desktop or phone with Outlook integration
  • Cloud based CRM for small business or large organisations

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