Qdos POS helps Vinnies boost its customer experience in 450+ retail stores

(The below Customer Story relates to the initial phase of the Vinnies implementation in Victoria. Qdos Point of Sale is now used in over 450 Vinnies stores nationally).

Qdos assists Vinnies to launch a new Point of Sale across Victorian Shops in a rapid timeframe of 2.5 weeks!

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The Benefits

Vinnies has accomplished the following objectives by deploying the integrated Qdos suite:

  • User-centric POS with new volunteers are trained within minutes
  • Enhanced features to process more sales transactions faster
  • Reduction in data entry errors, leading to improved accuracy of data collection by product category
  • Reduced risk of fraudulent activity in shops
  • Organisation-wide visibility of sales revenue and popular products by centre, utilised for strategic decision making by Shop Managers/Head Office
  • Scaleable for future enhancements to support the vision.

Working together with Vinnies

A major consideration for the client was to ensure that the POS provided an extremely basic and intuitive user interface, to suit the varied profiles of Vinnies Shop volunteers (part time, never worked, retired, and new volunteers).

Qdos Technology and Vinnies worked collaboratively to co-develop a new interface for Qdos POS, incorporating simplified processes. Initially the POS was trialed in a handful of shops to gauge feedback from the Shop volunteers and to refine the application for maximum benefit. The POS application was then rapidly deployed to 100 sites across Victoria in only 2.5 weeks!

Back in Head Office…

One of the biggest advantages is the immediate access to live sales data and stock level information by Head office, so that financial and business decisions can be made instantly.

Access to information spanning over 100 Vinnies Shops is available in real time . A myriad of reports are generated at the click of a button, giving insight into Location, Sales, Inventory, Employee, and Financial data, and includes:

  • Daily and weekly budgeted and actual sales dashboard (for a selection or for all Shops)
  • Sales and Bank reconcilliation reports
  • High-performing product categories and backfill reports
  • Product stock levels and associated pricing in all Shops

Head Office have greater control, with the ability to introduce new barcoded products into Shops, ready for sale, within a couple of minutes.

The Situation

Vinnies Shops are located throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. They provide furniture, clothing and household goods to families and people in need, and are also a valuable resource for people on low incomes. Shops were using a dated POS and required a more sophisticated solution to align with their retail strategy.

The Solution

The solution encompasses an integrated suite of Qdos applications. Qdos POS was integrated with Qdos’ Location and Reporting application for unparalleled real time management reporting. Further flexibility was provided through the use of Qdos Mobile handheld devices for access to key reports whilst travelling.

The Results in Shops

Volunteers were excited about the range of features and greater efficiencies at the checkout using the Qdos POS. Customer sales and returns are processed at greater speed selecting from multiple payment methods including split tender. Multiple transactions can be placed on ‘hold’ simultaneously to avoid queue ‘bottlenecks’, barcoded products are scanned and added to a transaction, and staff are guided through a simple and intuitive end of day process.

Shop Managers access numerous reports instantly to gain on the spot budgeted and actual daily sales figures; Backfill reports guide volunteers on floor stock replenishment. The user-friendly interface means that new volunteers can be trained within minutes.

New Horizons for Vinnies

Qdos’ suite of products has placed Vinnies at the forefront of this industry sector, and provides the underlying foundation to support the organisation’s future vision. Vinnies will continue to incorporate leading practice retail functionality, which will further improve the customer experience and in turn continue to boost revenue across all Vinnies Shops

"Qdos has enabled us to upgrade our customer service, and bring us into the second millennium."

Liz Randle, Vinnies Merchandise Manager

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