• Product & Pricing Information

    Flexibility in product setup – single product configs, bundles, vintage, various tax types (including WET), categories and characteristics. Online store pricing displayed according to your preference.

  • Procurement & Orders

    Manage the entire purchasing to dispatch process – importing (multiple currencies), reciprocal purchase orders, customer sales orders.

  • Warehouse & Multi-location

    Full stock control at each warehouse (including 3PL) and store location. Manage transfers and run partial or full stocktakes.

  • Accounting

    Manage your entire retail and wholesale enterprise in a central location using Qdos Financials. Includes Chart of Accounts, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Invoices. Comprehensive, real-time sales, inventory and customer reporting.

  • Powerful Segmentation – Send Targeted Offers

    Understand previous buying patterns, create dynamic segments and send mass targeted EDMs with tailored offers. Manage pricing promotions, events, and customised loyalty programs.

  • Wholesale Customers

    Manage account allocations, multiple price lists (including customer-specific) and discounts. Batch send customer statements.

  • Wow Customers at the Point of Sale

    Wine industry-specific pricing (6-packs, 12-packs, mixed dozens) at the point of sale. Issue and redeem gift vouchers, accept stock transfers, capture customer information, lay-bys, and other features expected in the modern retail landscape.

Powerful Solutions for the Craft Beer Industry

How Qdos helped Colonial Brewing Co modernise its business

“Qdos has covered off the major areas for us – it’s covered off the complete accounting side, the complete ordering and logistics side, and the legal side of who we’re selling all the beer to.”

- Justin Fox, Colonial Brewing Co