A leading Australian Wine importing business

Trembath & Taylor was established in 1994 by Michael Trembath and Virginia Taylor. It has since risen to become a preeminent importer and distributor of Italian wines in Australia. Based in Melbourne with national distribution, Trembath & Taylor has sales agents and warehouses in Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, Queensland and WA. Trembath & Taylor represents 42 Italian producers, three producers from Spain and one Australian winery.

Inventory Management Software


Trembath & Taylor required a solution to integrate their 5 off-the-shelf accounting programs, eliminating duplicate data entry, allowing for precise stock control, accurate enterprise-wide reporting and efficient customer service and sales management.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Trembath & Taylor utilise single-entry customer details model, to capture their clients’ complete sales history, delivery requirements, account status and customer notes. Relevant customer service and sales staff can access real-time information about their customers, use a simple email marketing module to create outbound newsletters or manage event RSVPs.

Order Management

Mirroring the sales order management module, Trembath & Taylor is able to create and track purchase orders from order placement to goods receipt. Qdos provides an accurate view of outstanding supplier payments and system-driven remittance advices, to red flag price changes. Most importantly, Trembath & Taylor can manage international shipments, including multi-currency purchase orders and payments, duty and freight invoices.

CMS Website

Trembath & Taylor use their website as an information portal, offering detailed background notes on producers, news and events and blog entries, available to the public and media. Staff can update content at anytime utilising the Content Management System (CMS).


Trembath & Taylor engaged Qdos Technology to provide a comprehensive B2B cloud solution, consisting of five components:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Product Catalog Management
  • Order Management
  • Accounting
  • CMS Website

Product Catalog Management

Trembath & Taylor have benefited from real-time inventory visibility across 5 states. With an accurate picture of stock levels, invoices can be easily managed from order placement to dispatch, within defined price lists, payment options and terms. Stock levels are automatically updated across the system, with a suite of reports to help control inventory. With audit-trailed, secure user access, staff in the sales departments, warehouses or head office can administer the system.


As an enterprise-wide solution, Qdos offers a full banking and financials suite, including a multi-segmented general ledger, complete transaction history, budgeting and non-stock invoices. Trembath & Taylor access financial reports such as income statements, balance sheet and cash flow. They can easily manage multiple bank accounts, bank reconciliation and tax compliance.

"We’ve been with Qdos for eight years, as we were looking for an inventory handling system and customer record management platform that would work across multi sites. This, Qdos does simply and well, with a level of user ease. The Qdos service is efficient and friendly and tailoring reports as and if required is never a problem. I wholeheartedly recommend them for wholesale distribution."

Michael Trembath, Founder, Trembath & Taylor

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