The Benefits Of Live Stock Visibility For Retailers

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Live Stock Visibility Tools

The Benefits Of Live Stock Visibility For Retailers

Live stock visibility tools have become an essential feature for retailers. When you’re running any sort of retail outlet, there can be a lot of information regarding products and stock that you have to continually keep tabs on. The more simplified and easier you can make this process, the better for you and everyone concerned. This can be achieved with the use of modern software that’s been designed specifically for things like retail POS and stock visibility and reporting. So, let’s have a look at the benefits and advantages of live stock visibility for retailers and live stock visibility tools.

This can all be achieved with the latest ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning software) from the team at QDOS.

You Can Better Manage Your Inventory

With a real time view of your stock levels across all departments and store locations, you can better manage your inventory and do it more efficiently than ever before.

Dedicated software designed specifically for inventory management makes things possible that just weren’t an option with previous software applications, or having no software at all. At a glance, you’ll know exactly what level a particular item is currently at, making reordering at just the right time a breeze.

This also enables owners and managers to be able to move stock from one location to another if need be. For example, stock of a particular item is selling out in one store but there are plenty of supplies still available at another location.

Provide Users With Instant Gratification

Because the ERP software provides workers with instant, real-time access to stock levels and where stocks may still be available, your employees will be able to provide your customers with a new standard in customer service.

For example, stock of an item is low or has temporarily run out in the store. The employee can very quickly check to see which store still has the item and either send the customer there, or have a courier bring the item over.

Fast and efficient customer service only adds to a positive customer experience and this is what will keep those customers coming back for more.

You Can Deliver An Omnichannel Retail Experience

What does an omnichannel retail experience mean exactly?

These days, many customers prefer to do their shopping on their electronic devices. Not everyone wants to visit a retail outlet. With an omnichannel retail experience, coordinated via your ERP software, you can easily merge your retail store and your online store so internet shoppers can readily find and order the products they want. Alternatively, shoppers may research your products online before visiting a store to make a purchase.

Rather than limit your operation to just one retail channel, ERP software makes it easy to integrate two or more retail outlets.

Reduce Issues With Overselling Or Underselling Inventory

Without the aid of real time reporting on stock levels owners, managers and staff will be working blind regarding stock levels of products.

Live stock visibility, once again, allows everyone to see, at a glance, whether a certain item is in danger of selling out, or whether too many units of a particular item are being ordered and are simply not selling. Not only does this allow you to keep your stocks well balanced, but it will also save the business money regarding purchasing too many items that just don’t sell well.

#5 – Prepare for a Digital Transformation

With just the right Enterprise Resource Planning software installed for your particular business, you and your staff can then prepare for a digital transformation in the way you do business. Quality software not only makes various tasks, such as keeping an eye on stock levels, so much easier, it also helps you to deliver an even better and more efficient customer experience. New customers will become repeat customers and regular customers will remain regular customers.

Need Help With Choosing The Right Software? 

If you’re interested in assistance managing the more complex requirements such as:

  • Multi-Price List

  • Complex Products (Bundles, Configs, Logical, Template)

  • Multi Fulfilment Locations                                     

  • Multi Purchase Currency

  • Australia Post eParcel (logistics integration):

  • eParcel using own system with self-generated labels and sFTP                            

  • Australia Post eParcel (logistics integration):

  • eParcel using two-way API integration for API provided labels                            

  • Startrack (logistics integration)                             

  • Highjump (Warehouse Management System) – indirect integration                                 

  • Accellos (by Highjump) (Warehouse Management System)                              

  • Handshake:

  • Mobile app for B2B sales reps to capture orders, access inventory and check order history in the field.

Speak to a representative today. QDOS has been helping businesses all around Australia improve functionality and services with the implementation of our intelligent and scalable ERP software solutions. Now is the time to start thinking forward when it comes to your business, so get in touch and arrange a meeting today with one of our representatives.