Tips for Choosing a Future-Proof ERP Solution

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Tips for choosing a future-proof ERP solution

 Over the past year or so, retailers and wholesalers have had to adapt to rapidly changing circumstances and consumer behaviours. This has led to a need for more flexible, and forward-thinking ERP strategy solutions software. Now, more than ever, this need has never been greater for businesses.

With this important point in mind, let’s take a look at a few tips for choosing a future-proof ERP software solution that’s just right for your business requirements.

#1 – Plan Your Omnichannel Strategy

These days, with retailers and wholesalers doing business both online and offline, it’s vital to have an omnichannel presence, or at least be planning for one in the near future. An example of omnichannel with regards to retail would be integrating and merging available products that can both be purchased in-store or in your online shop. Having modern and current ERP software that can help with this is almost essential, so make sure the software you choose has this feature. Diversifying your retail channels just makes logical sense in today’s world.

#2 – Choose Software That Can Grow With Your Business

Rather than merely remaining stagnant, most business owners generally want their businesses to grow over time and this could even involve opening up new stores or having premises in other locations.

Therefore, with this as a goal, you’ll want ERP software that can grow with you; software that’s flexible, can be updated and software that can be tailored to your changing needs. It’s also important to consider the company from which you purchase your ERP software. Is that company able to provide the solutions you need as you experience growth?

You’ll want software that’s scalable.

#3 – Ensure Your Data Can be Accessed Remotely and on Demand 

We live in an age where we expect to be able to do so many things remotely and this includes business operations, being able to check stock levels from anywhere and so many other important aspects of doing business.

You want software that allows you ready access to all the data and reporting you need, no matter where in the country or the world you happen to be at the time.

When discussing your requirements with an ERP software provider, ensure all your data can be accessed remotely for your convenience with a cloud-based solution.

#4 – Research the Data Security of the Potential Software

Data security is something that is a major concern with any form of business software and the same applies to ERP software solutions. You’ll want to know that the software is very robust and has high measures of data security built into it.

Possibly the best way to fully understand the level of security the software provides is to speak with the software creator and determine whether the ERP has enough data security to give you peace of mind. In addition to this, ensure software has Future add-on capabilities such as eComm & Shipping/ delivery integration. Warehousing & POS are also useful additions to have. 

#5 – Prepare for a Digital Transformation

With just the right Enterprise Resource Planning software installed for your particular business, you and your staff can then prepare for a digital transformation in the way you do business. Quality software not only makes various tasks, such as keeping an eye on stock levels, so much easier, it also helps you to deliver an even better and more efficient customer experience. New customers will become repeat customers and regular customers will remain regular customers.

Need Help With Choosing The Right ERP Software? 

Speak to a representative today. QDOS has been helping businesses all around Australia improve functionality and services with the implementation of our intelligent and scalable ERP software solutions. Now is the time to start thinking forward when it comes to your business, so get in touch and arrange a meeting today with one of our representatives.