How NFP’s can increase their donor base through software solutions

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How NFP’s can increase their donor base through software solutions

While traditional fundraising methods may always have their place for Not-For-Profit organisations and charities, as the world evolves and technology changes, NFP’s can actually increase their donor base by taking advantage of current software solutions. Finding donors is an ongoing battle for most NFP’s, so it only makes logical sense to take advantage of anything that will make the task easier.

Let’s discover how modern software solutions can play a pivotal role in increasing your donor base by attracting new donors and maintaining consistent and regular donors.

Integrate Everything Into One Cloud-Based Platform


QDOS has produced unique ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, specifically designed and tailored for Not-For-Profit enterprises. The software is cloud-based and offers a one stop solution for your NFP, including increasing your donor base through its implementation.


All of your operational, financial and marketing data can be fully integrated into the one cloud-based platform. The software provides real-time insights into your operation and the effectiveness of your strategies, giving you the data you need to improve processes and bring donor acquisition and retention to new and greater heights. These real-time insights and data enable you and everyone who works in the organisation to gain a better view of your donors and how they behave.


Having everything combined and accessible in a single platform streamlines and simplifies processes, makes data and vital information accessible to everyone in real-time and enables your NFP to keep its finger on the donor pulse at all times.


It’s a fast-paced world out there and it’s vital for NFP’s to be able to keep pace if the goals and mission of the organisation are to remain on track.

Improved Communications Improves Donor Rates


Naturally, finding new donors and maintaining a repeat donor base rely a lot on effective communication. Quality QDOS ERP software for NFP’s enables the creation of more personalised communications that result in better engagement of your donors.


As your marketing efforts and operational procedures improve with the implementation of the software, the next logical step is to improve communication with your donor base and the ERP software helps you to achieve this outcome. Communicating with donors is just one part of the process. You need to be able to engage them and keep on engaging them. Access to real-time data will assist with this no end.

Take a Step Up From Traditional Fundraising Methods


Traditional methods to raise funds for the organisation can still be employed but adopting a more high-tech (and often expected) solution is the way of the future. Cloud-based software solutions put you on the cutting edge, rather than languishing behind the pack. You will be able to reach potential donors that you could never have dreamed of accessing before and that can only be good news for the ongoing success and efforts of your NFP.


Get in touch with the team at QDOS and learn more about how we can help you increase your donor base and achieve your objectives.