Benefits of ERP Software for Breweries

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Benefits of ERP Software for Breweries

Utilising an ERP for breweries or distilleries can help these businesses save time and money on tedious manual processes. With a robust inventory management system that includes automated excise reporting and consolidated batch orders for distribution, it’s much easier to perform at a high level with an ERP such as Qdos. 


Here are four more reasons why more and more breweries and distilleries are turning to the Qdos ERP solution.

1. Manage Inventory

Inventory management can be a huge headache for many breweries and distilleries. This is particularly so when your business is trying to transfer stock between warehouses, process bulk orders and deal with import and export pricing and shipments.


One of the key benefits of an ERP for distilleries and breweries is having access to advanced inventory management tools and data. Not only does this make your business practices more sophisticated, it also helps save you time and money on unnecessary mistakes. 


Qdos ERP gives your business complete transparency with access to real-time stock control from the warehouse to the POS. The intuitive system also lets you apply promotions across all channels, implement informative reporting and build in tailored stock audit processes.

2. Quality Control and Batch Traceability 


Quality Control and Batch Traceability are two integral features of any useful ERP for breweries. With efficient Quality Control across your entire range of products, you can ensure you’re not wasting resources or letting you customers down. This starts with access to reliable and informative data. Now you can make business decisions based on accurate, real-time data and improve the health of your organisation. Automated data working in the background also saves you time and money while removing the risk of manual error. 


Batch Traceability is the Batman to Quality Control’s Superman. Particularly in the food and drink industry, Batch Traceability helps ensure your business is providing safe and quality products to its customers. Processing large orders as a batch and tracking them back to their source streamlines all processes. Most importantly, it allows you to recall a defunct product quickly and effectively without having to remove safe products as well.

3. Accurate Production Planning 


If your business is going to succeed, it is also going to grow. Because of this, you need to know how you can best prepare and plan for this growth so you don’t end up falling behind. An ERP for distilleries and breweries helps these businesses manage all types of scenarios with flexible product modules. 


This flexibility is crucial to allowing your business the adaptability it needs to thrive. With Qdos ERP, you can manage simple and complex product configurations, create bundles and set up multiple price lists, promotions and product lines. It’s the business tool that grows with you.

4. Manage Financials 


When it comes to breweries and distilleries, managing financials can be an intricate and complicated process. With an ERP solution, you have fully integrated and customisable financial tools designed to help your specific financial needs. 


Transparent financial data and processes, including chart of accounts, bank reconciliation and accounts receivable and payable, are completely integrated with your inventory and sales. This creates a streamlined and automated process that saves on time and costly errors.


Better yet, you can collaborate online with your accountant or bookkeeper using this versatile and highly compatible system. If your brewery or distillery also deals with a lot of imports and exports, you can utilise the comprehensive import/export module to cover all trade expenses, such as duty, foreign exchange, shipping, clearance and delivery.

The Best ERP for Breweries & Distilleries

Whether you sell in stores, online or omnichannel, Qdos ERP helps you manage orders, inventory and sales with an integrated and easy-to-use system that reduces manual processes and increases efficiency. Request a free product demo of Qdos, an Australian-owned, cloud-based ERP for breweries currently being utilised by Colonial Brewing Company.