Benefits of ERP Software for the cosmetic industry

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cosmetic erp software

Benefits of ERP Software for the cosmetic industry

Cosmetic ERP software has become a game-changer in one of the world’s biggest industries. But how exactly can a cloud-based ERP platform help your cosmetic business? 

Read on for the four major benefits of an ERP for cosmetic retailers and discover why Australia’s leading online beauty retailers use the Qdos ERP.

Cloud Based Inventory Management For Maximum Efficiency

Cosmetic ERP software provides advanced inventory management that saves you time and money by automating and streamlining processes. 

 For instance, the automated stock replenishment tool on the Qdos platform leverages replenishment rules to automatically order the stock you need. This function ensures you can always fulfil customer orders, while simultaneously reducing stock obsolescence. 

 Another time-saving benefit is the ability to create hundreds of new products at once or bulk update product information (price, vendor, barcode, description etc.). 

 Finally, being able to manage various product configurations in one location, like lipstick in ten different colours, will save you hundreds of staff hours.

Advanced Warehouse Solutions For Faster Order Fulfilment

In an age where customers demand convenience, or more-so instant gratification, ERP software that integrates innovative warehouse solutions can be an effective way to speed up order fulfilment and improve customer experience. 

The following warehouse solutions provide a more efficient workflow to cut time and costs and impress your customers with a seamless customer experience.

  • Area and bin management with barcoding technology for accurate tracking.
  • Handheld mobile apps for receiving multiple stock orders at once, completing stock storage and movements, stocktake, and managing faulty or damaged items.
  • Scan & Pack barcode technology allows staff to quickly pick, pack and dispatch multiple orders at once, being guided on the most efficient pick paths. It’s also integrated with Australia Post eParcel, providing the fastest order-to-delivery turnaround possible. 
  • Advanced management of all stock transfers between warehouses or from warehouses to stores.

Keep Track Of Your Online Sales with eCommerce Website Integration

The best ERP for the cosmetic industry will provide seamless integration with your eCommerce platform, such as Magento, Shopify or BigCommerce. All product data is centrally managed in the ERP, which is especially beneficial for cosmetic retailers with multiple eCommerce websites, and even better you will have centralised stock control and order management.  Any product updates you make on your ERP will automatically be reflected on your eCommerce websites. 

On the flip side, all sales orders placed by customers on your eCommerce sites flow automatically through your ERP straight to the warehouse.  This makes it easy for your staff to quickly, pick, pack and dispatch orders (and even set order priorities so that urgent orders jump the queue).

Live Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI) Tools For A Competitive Advantage

Cosmetic ERP software provides more insightful reporting and BI tools to help you make the most profitable decisions for your business. With an ERP solution, you can run real-time sales and inventory reports, such as low stock, stock by location and sales by vendor reports.

Reports can also be set up for auto-emailing, so they’re sitting in team members’ inboxes every morning. Advanced BI tools let you slice and dice the data however you like to gain the most insight possible from sales. For instance, the Qdos ERP solution provides a map of all your customer hotspots in Australia, so you can create targeted marketing campaigns based on locations.

Get a Free Product Tour of the Qdos ERP Platform

Whether you sell in stores, online or omnichannel, Qdos ERP helps you manage orders, inventory and sales with an integrated and easy-to-use system that reduces manual processes and increases efficiency. Request a free product demo of Qdos, an Australian-owned, cloud-based ERP for the cosmetic industry chosen by leading online beauty retailers.