Australian companies are streamlining their operations with a business management software package which automatically handles the core facets of their business with a single cloud-based solution


CRM is the ability to service customers effectively by having access to up-to-date information related to the customer. Effective cloud CRM software guarantees that each time a customer interacts with your company – whether it be to buy a product, make an enquiry, or receive a campaign email, details of the interaction are stored centrally in the CRM system.


ERP stands for ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’. Historically ERP solutions were used only by large manufacturing companies. These days ERP systems are used across a wide range of industries (including retail and wholesale) to holistically manage core business processes on a daily basis.


Out of the box solutions are affordable because the developers have been able to distribute such high volumes of their software creating a true economy of scale and thus the reasonable price. The challenge with these packages whether online or installed is that there are restrictions in the scope and customisability of their functionality especially as your business grows.....


Your business has evolved sale by sale to the scale you have reached and the point where you can no longer easily manage your disparate systems. No consideration for growth or scalability from day one right? How are you to know all this information without prior experience! Luckily you can learn from others mistakes....


Implementing an ERP solution is never a small undertaking. After recently completing a major ERP implementation for a multichannel retailer, a Qdos Project Manager reflects on the key success criteria.